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der-materialspezialst Fakir

der-materialspezialst Fakir

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der-materialspezialst Fakir is a new a revolutionary long-pimple rubber from der-materialspezialst. This unprecedented rubber offers the maximum disruption effect and exceptional attacking options, setting it apart from any other in the market.

In the ever-evolving world of table tennis, der-materialspezialist is at the forefront, adapting to new regulations. With Fakir, we've got you covered.

der-materialspezialist takes a bold step forward with the new long pimple rubber FAKIR, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and maximizing the allowed potential.

The Aspect Ratio, thus the relation between length to the diameter of the pimple and also the allowed maximum pimple length are at the limit of the technical possible. The result is a new, never before disruption long pimple rubber that combines the biggest possible disruption qualities.

Whether you're playing defense away from the table or unleashing an offensive onslaught, Fakir delivers. It offers high control and disruptional blocks in defensive play, remains unaffected by incoming spin, and has the potential to create wobbly/flutter effects and disruptional ball trajectories and curves in offensive play.

Fakir is available in all colours allowed by the ITTF.

der-materialspezialist Fakir: colourful impenetrable defense and extraordinary offensive potential.

We recommend to mount the OX version and the sponge version with a DK-4 adhesive foil.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 38/100
Control: 98/100
Disruption Effect 106/100

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