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Donic Table Tennis

Donic Vario Clean 90 ml bottle - Water Based Glue

Donic Vario Clean 90 ml bottle - Water Based Glue

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The DONIC Vario Clean 90ml bottle is a premium VOC free water based glue that is easily spreadable, friendly to your racquet and bonds well.

This glue has been developed to meet ITTF regulations for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)??so that the rubber sheet can be applied without any health risk.

Want your racquet and rubber-sheets to bond, to be friends with one another, to perform?? Donic Vario Clean is the solution! Buy one today.

Directions:? Shake Bottle before using.  Apply the glue evenly on blade and rubber sheet using the clip fixture and sponge which are included. After completely dry (approx. 5 minutes) align and anchor the bottom edge of the rubber to the blade then use a roller to ease the sheet onto the blade with slight but even pressure.

Note, we recommend two thin coat applications rather than one thick application.

If possible store the glue in a cool place but do not allow to freeze.

Made with precision and expertise in Germany

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