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Nava Table Tennis

Donier Offensive Table Tennis Blade - Flared Handle

Donier Offensive Table Tennis Blade - Flared Handle

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Donier Offensive Flared Handle Table Tennis Blade - European Quality, Outstanding Feel and Touch.

The Donier Offensive Blade is perfectly balanced, and possesses a combination, power, feel and longer than normal drag time, for spin. The Donier Offensive is affordably priced, European made five ply blade designed for the developing player and for youth and adults seeking a modern day racket to develop at an affordable price. The blade handle is made of the highest quality natural non-dyed wood blending perfectly with the whole blade.

This blade is designed by expert technicians of Nava Table Tennis, a leading European blade manufacturer.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Blade Head: 150 cm wide, 155 cm tall

Wood: 5 Ply European Hard Wood

Weight: 186 +/-3

Handle Type: Flare

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