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Double Edgetaping Service - Red and Black Electrical Taping

Double Edgetaping Service - Red and Black Electrical Taping

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Double Edgetaping Service

Double Edgetaping Service to extend the life of your pre-assembled table tennis racket.

We apply two layers of Three-Quarter Inch Electrical tape to the Edges of your newly purchased pre-assembled table tennis racket - one side red and one side black.

The electrical tape we use overlaps the blade edge and sticks to the top of the rubber surface, providing a bond that eliminates the possibility of the rubber topsheet peeling off the blade.

When buying a pre-assembled racket for the home, school, recreation, club, or hotel, we recommend applying the double-edge tapes before first use. It will extend the life of the purchased paddle two or threefold.

If you purchase a pre-assembled racket(s) from our store, feel free to add this service to your shopping cart, and we will take care of the rest.

We will apply Red Edgetape for one side and black for the other.

Please watch our video.

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