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Free Custom Racket Assembly

Free Custom Racket Assembly

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Free Racket Assembly

We offer expert custom racket assembly for those who purchase a blade and rubber from our store. The difference between "Racket Assembly" and "Custom Racket Assembly" is that in custom racket assembly you add the glue and/or the sealer, and/or the edge tape into your shopping cart and we use these items to assemble the racket for you. This allows you to choose the glue, sealer (if purchased), and edge tape (if purchased) for your racket. The racket assembly process is as follows:

1. Seal Purchased Racket with light coat of varnish. Varnish used. What you purchase or TSP Topcoat (default if none purchased).

2. Glue Rubber Sheets with VOC International Federation Approved Glue: What you purchased or XIOM IBond (If none purchased)

3. Affix Rubber Sheet using Roller to Blade

4. Cut Rubber Sheet Using Matt Knife with Sharp Razor

5. Affix Edge Tape To Racket: What you purchased or what we have available

We will carefully and prudently use what you purchase, and ship you the residual. Prior to check out, please specify forehand rubber, backhand rubber and any particular nuances you would like us to do during the assembly process.

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