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Gambler IM8 Carbon Blade with Gambler Zero Rubber

Gambler IM8 Carbon Blade with Gambler Zero Rubber

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Gambler Hinoki IM8 Carbon Blade with Gambler Zero Offensive Rubber. The ideal entry level custom made table tennis racket for offensive play.

The Gambler Hinoki IM8 Carbon is a 3 ply wood + 2 ply Carbon blade fast light and nimble with very good feeling and ball feedback. The outer plies are hinoki with the inner core being softer kuki wood. This combination racket is made with Gambler Zero, a mechanical spin type rubber which generates high spin offensive shots. Zero's non-tacky surface is ideal for off table play or flat hitting (just like Japan or Euro rubber).

The Gambler Hinoki IM8 Bat comes assembled and ready to play with edge tape. Unlike other assembled bats the rubbers can removed and replaced when worn. Gambler Zero rubber is ITTF tournament approved and ready for tournament play. Comes with free case.

Pro Competitor level ratings:

Speed: 92

Spin: 97

Control: 94

Sponge Thickness: 2.1 mm

Total bat weight with rubber 173 grams +-5

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