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Gambler Nine Ultra Tack Oh-Toro

Gambler Nine Ultra Tack Oh-Toro

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Nine Ultra Tack is an aggressive tacky Hybrid style rubber, perfect for players who prefer a tacky or sticky surface to hold the ball, with supple light top sheet for maximum feel. Utilizing a tacky surface + taller pip geometry, Nine Ultra Tack generates deadly spin while still maintaining control. This is Gamblers only tacky rubber offering featuring the MID Oh-Toro sponge.

Speed: 93
Spin: 99
Control: 88
Sponge Type: Gambler Oh-Toro Japanese MID 37+-2
Spin Type: High Tacky (60% sticky 40% mechanical)

Note: Better performance than so called National Team versions of popular Chinese brands, with European/Japanese level of quality.

Use of Tuners: Just like the top Japanese rubbers Burst actually will get slower after tuning. Gambler generally does not recommend the use of tuners with this high performance rubber, however after a week of play post tuner the rubber picks back the original speed and a touch more spin. If you must use tuner only use paraffin based formulas NEVER (regular baby oil) mineral oil based tuners.

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