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GEWO Hype EL Pro 42.5 - Table Tennis Rubber

GEWO Hype EL Pro 42.5 - Table Tennis Rubber

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GEWO Hype EL Pro 42.5 - Table Tennis Rubber.

The GEWO hype EL Pro 42.5 is the optimal synthesis of power, spin, and surface grip. It is the tempo-elastic middle rubber of the GEWO Hype EL Pro Series and offers a balance between a dynamic and a high tension spin game. 

HYPE EL Pro 42.5 provides perfect ball feeling with reliability in all game situations. Thanks to the newly developed DGC40 surface, it is possible for a good variation between a spin serve and tough return game; and a balanced all-round-offensive game. A rubber with exceptional speed in reserve, but despite the high speed, allows reasonable control in the more passive strokes when driving blocking, or pushing. 

The GEWO Hype EL Pro 42.5 is the perfect rubber for players who want maximum spin at high speeds. Because: "The last point makes you the winner!"

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 115
Control: 97
Spin: 120
Sponge hardness: Medium+/Hard
Thickness: 1.9,2.1 mm

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