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Gewo Neoflexx Carbon Power Pro-Line Special

Gewo Neoflexx Carbon Power Pro-Line Special

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Gewo Neoflexx Carbon Power Combo Special

The Gewo Neolfexx Carbon Power is the ideal racket for players seeking power and dynamic spin. The GEWO power carbon is a medium stiff blade with a large sweet spot.

Neoflexx rubber generate great spin, power and control.

We will glue and custom assembly your racket from the following components.

Blade: GEWO Power Carbon, is a 5 ply, two carbon blade rated Offensive to Offensive Plus Speed.

Forehand Rubber: GEWO Neoflexx eft 48 degree, 2.1 Thickness, in black color. The eft 48 is a grippy offensive table tennis rubber with medium-hard sponge for dynamic play capabilities.

Backhand Rubber: GEWO Neoflexx eFT 45-degree hardness 2.1 red rubber or green rubber. The eft 45 is a grippy offensive table tennis rubber with medium sponge for touch, spin, and dynamic play capabilities.

The Neoflexx rubber line is German made tensor rubber with catipult and contol. The rubber pairs very well with the Power Offense and the result is well-rounded racket that is suitable for producing dynamic attack and spin shots.

The blade will be assembled with Black Forehand rubber. Choose between Green backhand or Red backhand.


Weight: The combined weight of the racket. 170-180 grams.
Speed: Offensive to Offensive plus Forehand, Offensive Backhand.

Question Why a custom-made racket? Answer: A custom-made racket enables one to change the rubber sheets when they wear out. Over an extended time, owning a custom-made racket becomes less expensive than a pre-assembled racquet, because one only has to replace the rubber top sheet and not the entire blade. It is also more environmentally friendly as you keep and re-use the wood blade.

Assembly Process: We custom make the racket by taking two fresh sheets for rubber and affixing them to the wood blade, cutting the rubber, and putting on edge tape. We cut the rubber smoothly, leaving a smoothly finished and great-looking racket with its own distinctive feel and play.

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