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GEWO rubber Codexx EF Pro 54 - Explosive Friction Table Tennis Rubber

GEWO rubber Codexx EF Pro 54 - Explosive Friction Table Tennis Rubber

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GEWO Codexx EF 54 - Explosive Friction Table Tennis Rubber

With the GEWO Codexx EF Pro 54 (Explosive Friction), a sponge that is even harder and more compact than the Codexx EL Pro 52 was combined with the slightly sticky top sheet in such a way that the uncompromising offensive player at the table has the right weapon for absolute power table tennis at his disposal. The EF Pro 54 stands for hard-hitting powerspins and the ultimate drive forward. A rubber for absolute offensive players with a high training workload. Not suitable for players who do not yet have a stable and fully trained technique. Convince yourself and test the full hardness without having to lose control or rotation values.

Player type/characteristics:

- GEWO's power package for full offensive power at the table
- Perfect for players who always look for the way forward to score with fast and explosive attacking shots.
- Poisonous serves, flat and spin-loaded power topspins and maximum power
- For players with a lot of training and good technique who want the direct and linear feel of hard rubbers

When developing the GEWO Codexx rubbers, the focus was on the most perfect possible combination of the advantages of European and Asian toppings. A dynamic, hard sponge was combined with a slightly sticky and still flexible top sheet (ARC-HIT technology).

With the new GEWO Codexx rubbers, you can act even more effectively and dangerously close to the table without having to sacrifice power and spin. Compared to the worldwide successful Nexxus Hard rubbers, the new Codexx rubbers offer even more spin values thanks to the slightly sticky top sheet and a slightly higher control when playing over the table, since the ball stays longer on the racket thanks to the new Arc-Hit-Technology.

GEWO CODEXX - The key to maximum power play with hard rubbers and sticky topsheet.
ARC-HIT Technology (Architect)

In countless series of tests, the GEWO development team, in close cooperation with the GEWO top players, searched for a solution to be able to play punches with hard sponges and a sticky top sheet without losing control. The revolutionary ARC HITting Technology enables curved and long trajectories through the new bonding technique of top sheet and sponge, which are spin-loaded and dive dangerously on the opposing side and pose the greatest possible problems for the opponent. The optimal energy transfer ensures the highest speed values and perfect grip.

The innovative ARC-HIT sponge technology makes it possible to play harder sponges for more power and dynamics without having to forego a curved trajectory and the necessary catapult effect. Because the arrangement of the pores offers the necessary elasticity and catapult effect despite the great hardness. The HIT technology (Hitting Impact Technology) used in the upper rubber provides the necessary control and elasticity shot after shot for precise, spin-loaded and dominant play. The new rubber compound and the surface structure of the Codexx rubbers generate more spin with the ABS balls and offer even better energy transfer. The slightly sticky top sheet ensures maximum spin and dangerous trajectories.

Speed: 137
Spin: 127
Control: 79

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