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GEWO Smash S.A.S. - Table Tennis Shoe

GEWO Smash S.A.S. - Table Tennis Shoe

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GEWO Smash S.A.S Table Tennis Shoe

The GEWO Smash Table Tennis Shoe - Lightweight fast and comfortable fit with superior support.

At times when table tennis is becoming faster and faster every year, footwear must keep pace with the increasing speed requirements. The GEWO shoe Smash S.A.S belongs to the new generation of stable and very durable table tennis shoes. Super-light, soft and robust microfiber combined with breathable special nylon make this shoe an exact premium model. GEWO Smash adjusts to the movements of your feet and provides for consistent, direct floor contact for quick reaction and great acceleration.

The GEWO Smash is the ideal footwear for any ambitious player. Boost your performance and protect your health with second-to-none absorption, comfort, and lateral support. The shoe features the special Shock-Absorbing-System (S.A.S) for ease of play. Solid workmanship guarantees long life. Footwear meeting the highest requirements.


High-friction, non-marking rubber sole with Flex Zone tread.

Divided outer sole offers for more flexibility.

Increased air ventilation offered for the midfoot area of the outer sole.

AKTIV reinforcement of areas exposed to high strain, breathable nylon fabric, Tapered sole to enhance side to side movement, continuous midfoot sole for foot stabilization, optimized EVA sole or better absorption, protects foot and knee joints.

Padded upper termination (angle padding).

Low weight. Super-light, soft and robust microfiber combined with breathable special nylon.

Simple design. Shoe comes, as a standard white, with blue and white shoelaces.

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