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Hallmark Table Tennis

Hallmark Devil Anti

Hallmark Devil Anti

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Hallmark Devil Anti

Hallmark Devil-Anti combines classical Anti Spin rubber with disruptive elements. In addition to the outstanding disruptive features, it also enables a highly controlled offensive game. Especially when blocking, the Devil-Anti shows its full strength and hardly allows errors even with the most brutal topspin balls. The defense behind the table is possible with great control, and dangerous attacking balls can also be built in from half distance again and again.

Even players with little training effort can shine dangerously with the Hallmark Devil-Anti. The ball control of the Devil-Anti is exceptional and thus contributes to the excellent feel of the rubber. The Hallmark Devil-Anti is the rubber for all disruptive players at the table who still want to use variable attack balls.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 69/100
Control: 97/100
Spin: 40/100
Sponge Hardness: Soft

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