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Hallmark Table Tennis

Hallmark Ultra - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

Hallmark Ultra - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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The Hallmark Ultra - Offensive Minus Table Tennis Blade

The Hallmark Ultra blade includes the ACT system. Five ply large oversize blade with a thick balsa core for the offensive player looking for power. Handle is large, head size is large, and blade thickness is wide, but the weight is light. This blade has incredible attacking properties, it is extremely easy to hit any ball with a great degree of consistency. When used in combination with long pimple rubber the effects are quite devastating.

The Ultra is a combination blade, with a hard forehand second ply veneer and a softer second ply veneer for the backhand.? ?This allows for an extra forehand power boost; while having a more controllable dampening effect for the backhand.?

Note, we recommend applying varnish to the blade face or utilizing our varnishing service before shipment?

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed 94/100

Control: 89/100

Ply: 5 Ply with Balsa Core

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