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JOOLA Table Tennis

JOOLA Classic Carbon - Table Tennis Blade

JOOLA Classic Carbon - Table Tennis Blade

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JOOLA Classic Carbon - Table Tennis Blade

The JOOLA Classic Carbon offensive table tennis blade is for the player seeking that pure Carbon rebound. The 3K-C layers of this 5+2 ply blade provide a direct touch, flat trajectory, and high stroke performance, making it excellently suited for the close-to-the-table offender. Although a very fast blade, the JOOLA Classic Carbon guarantees a lot of feeling and ball feedback due to the soft Candlenut wood core. The JOOLA Classic Carbon is a great choice for players seeking to maximize their offensive game!

JOOLA Performance Line blades are tried and true classics with proven playing characteristics that suit the needs of modern table tennis.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Plies: 5 wood +2 carbon
Top Layer: Koto
Fiber: 3K-C (Outer)
Speed: Offensive

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