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JOOLA Table Tennis

Joola CWX Chen Defender - Table Tennis Blade

Joola CWX Chen Defender - Table Tennis Blade

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Joola CWX Chen Defender - Table Tennis Blade

Joola Chen Defender CWX - Table Tennis Blade is designed in partnership with legendary defender Chen Weixing. The moderately lightweight and pliable Samba veneers are held together with Enzo glue, which dries softer, giving the blade more feel and great dwell-time. This blade features a straight handle and a larger head, providing exceptional control and accuracy for close-to-the-table and counter-drive play. You'll never miss a shot while lobbing or chopping with the JOOLA CWX Chen Defender!

JOOLA's precision line of blades are specifically designed for modern defensive specialists. These high-quality blades utilize unique veneer combinations to craft an unparalleled defensive game.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Plies: 5 Ply Wood
Layers: 5-ply blade of Samba - Samba - Enzo - Samba - Enzo - Samba - Samba
Weight: Approximately 88 grams

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