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JOOLA Table Tennis

JOOLA Dynaryz ZGR - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

JOOLA Dynaryz ZGR - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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JOOLA Dynaryz ZGR - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

Joola Dynaryz ZGR offensive table tennis rubber is the long-awaited fusion between tacky, grippy, and spring-loaded. This Dynaryz ZGR is a unique merging of Hyper Traction Surface and Hyper Bounce Sponge, giving players an expanded range of playing gears and the ability to reach new thresholds of spin production and dynamic power. Raise your game with the Dynaryz ZGR!

JOOLA Premium Line rubbers are the best of the best and utilize the latest state-of-the-art technologies. These rubbers are used by professionals in the pinnacle of the sport.

The Technology:
Surface: Designed to optimize energy transfer, the Hyper Traction Surface is extremely grippy and allows you to increase ball rotation with precision.

Sponge: Engineered to possess massive amounts of potential energy, which is released upon ball contact. The medium-large pores of the sponge enable increased spin and speed


Pips height: 0.8 mm
Pips width: 1.5 mm
Pips spacing: 0.9 mm
Speed: 10/10
Spin: 10.5/10
Trajectory: 7.5/10
Precision: 10/10

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