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JOOLA Table Tennis

JOOLA Linus - Outdoor Table Tennis Racket - Twin Pack

JOOLA Linus - Outdoor Table Tennis Racket - Twin Pack

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Joola Linus - Outdoor Table Tennis Twin Pack Paddles are designed specifically for outdoor play.

Rugged and durable, these two pimpled-out paddles produce high control under-spin, topspin and side-spin shots. The Joola Linus Twin Pack will make outdoor table tennis, fun, enjoyable and challenging.

Produced in a specialized plastic injection molding process, the Linus' are 100% water-proof. The special structure of the surface provides not only the highest possible ball control but also generates rotation so that topspin and under spin balls with slight rotation is possible. These sturdy bats are ergonomically shaped for ideal hand fit and grip.

Comes in twin pack with two rackets.

Buy Joola Linus today and elevate your outdoor game!

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