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JOOLA Table Tennis

JOOLA Nobilis - PBO-C Offensive Table Tennis Blade

JOOLA Nobilis - PBO-C Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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Joola Nobilis - PBO-C Offensive Table Tennis Blade

The Joola Nobilis is a highly offensive three wood plus two carbon blade. The PBO-c fibers provide an enlarged sweet spot and improved acceleration. The Noblis suitable for the modern offensive player who plays with high speed. This blade is developed for the ABS Ball.

The layered structure of the single Hinoki veneers is what makes the Joola Nobilis Blade special. The PBO-c fibers are placed directly on top of the Kiri core veneer. In addition to a good playing feel, the 1.2mm hard Hinoki outer veneers give the blade a prolonged ball contact time and allow for the most extreme spin on a ball, creating a high trajectory. This construction provides the blade with stability, elasticity, and a lot of force, enabling exact play even at high speed. The interaction of the individual components makes the Joola Nobilis PBO an offensive blade that is more than just fast and balanced with good spin and precise, pure feeling. The Joola Nobilis PBO-c is in its class!

Manufacturer Specifications:

Vibration: Medium
Touch: Hard
Ply: 5
Composition: Hinoki, PBO-c, Kiri
Playstyle: Off
Technology: PBO-c Carbon
Head Size: 157mm x 151mm
Thickness: 7.1mm
Weight: 85-90g

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