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JOOLA Table Tennis

JOOLA ORCA - Long Pips Table Tennis Rubber

JOOLA ORCA - Long Pips Table Tennis Rubber

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This Rubber is no longer produced and is discontinued. Please call our store and we will find suitable replacement.

JOOLA is the specialist for defensive and disturbing rubbers. JOOLA players Chen Weixing, Liu Song and of course Amelie Solja are experts for long pimple and pimple out rubbers. As the frictionless long pimple rubbers are not allowed any longer, the JOOLA experts have extensively tested and developed two alternatives for the market.

The JOOLA ORCA can be controlled slightly easier than the SHARK. The number of long pimples is reduced and the pimples are thicker. Thus blocks and attacking shots are easier to play. JOOLA ORCA is particularly suitable for the aggressive disturbing game at the table.

Olympic participant and Latin American champion Liu Song is the specialist for this playing strategy. ?I often play the first chop ball very fast and aggressively at the table or I block before I try to get into the game with forehand topspin balls. For this purpose the JOOLA ORCA is excellent, especially when chopping I can produce a dangerous disturbing effect.?

Strategy DEF- / ALL
Speed low
Spin medium
Control extra high
Hardness 40 degree
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