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JOOLA Table Tennis

JOOLA Rhyzen CMD - Table Tennis Rubber

JOOLA Rhyzen CMD - Table Tennis Rubber

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JOOLA Rhyzen CMD - Table Tennis Rubber

Take control of your game with the JOOLA Rhyzen CMD! The intense ball feedback created by the medium hardness of the Balance sponge and the improved Enhanced Traction Surface allow you to be intentional and precise with every shot. The Rhyzen CMD holds a lot of wieldable potential energy for your targeted attacks. Command the court with the JOOLA Rhyzen CMD!

JOOLA Professional Line rubbers incorporate innovative technologies to meet the needs of the modern table tennis player looking for that something extra to compete at the professional level.

The Technology:? ?
Surface: Enhanced Traction Surface technology enhances dynamic friction between the ball and the rubber to allow players to deliver controlled hits and spins.

Sponge: JOOLA Balance is a fine-pored sponge that offers great control value and reliable ball bounce.


Pips height: 1.0 mm
Pips width: 1.4 mm
Pips spacing: 1.2 mm
Speed 6/10
Spin? 8.5/10
Trajectory? 7.5/10
Precision? 8/10


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