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JOOLA Rosskopf GX75 - Ping Pong Racket

JOOLA Rosskopf GX75 - Ping Pong Racket

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Named for the great German champion, Jorg Rosskopf, this racket gives the player all of the most innovative racket technologies in a single product! Ergo grip technology, Power-grip system, and PULS system technology (allowing for a greater sweet spot) are all built-into the GX 75's flared handle and five-ply blade. Smooth pips-in rubber over sponge create extreme spin and speed characteristics not normally available in a ready-made recreational racket. Control is now in the hands of the player with this aggressive, offensive-minded racket.


Rubber: Smooth: GX75
Handle: Flared
Veneer: 5-ply
Speed: 85
Control: 85
Spin: 90
Technology: Ergo grip, Selected plywood, Power-grip system, PULS system

Technology Information:
Ergo Grip: New generation grip, rounded, ergonomic, immediately adapts to the hand.
Selected plywood: High quality, specially glued veneers for the best feeling and speed.
Power-grip system: Special sponge in the grip absorbs oscillations and vibrations.
PULS system: Special middle veneers for larger sweet spots, more ball feeling and control.
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