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JOOLA Table Tennis

JOOLA Winner - Ping Pong Racket

JOOLA Winner - Ping Pong Racket

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JOOLA Winner Racket uses Federation-approved rubber, called 'Compass,' a smooth pips-in rubber over sponge. The hitting surface offers superior spin and speed, making it a great all-around racket.


Rubber: Smooth: Compass
Handle: Anatomic
Veneer: 5-ply
Speed: 75
Control: 88
Spin: 80
Technology: ERGO grip, Selected plywood, Feeling system

Technology Information:
ERGO GRIP: New generation grip, rounded, ergonomic, immediately adapts to the hand.
Selected plywood: High quality, specially glued veneers for the best feeling and speed.
Feeling system: Weight reduction through vertical milling in the grip. More power and ball control without vibration.
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