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Martin-Kilpatrick (MK)

MK Pool Table Conversion Top DX

MK Pool Table Conversion Top DX

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MK Pool Table Conversion Top DX

The Martin Kilpatrick Pool Conversion Table Top DX is the perfect addition to your game room. Turn your pool table into fun ping pong table.? ?

This three-quarter inch thick table tennis top is made in the same factory as Butterfly Table Tennis tables and is designed to fit eight-foot pool tables. Rails can be unscrewed and removed to fit slightly larger pool tables.?

The MK Delux Pool Table Conversion Top is a regulation table tennis size, which is 9 ft x 5 ft. The foam protection pads are included to prevent scratches to your billiard table. These pads peel and stick underneath the conversion top to protect your pool table from scratches.?

Converting your billiard table to play ping pong is easy. Place both halves onto your pool table, slide the net posts in each side, slide on the net, and start playing. Unlike most ping pong conversion tops, each half of this conversion top attaches with a dovetail locking system. This locking system prevents the separation of your pool table ping pong top during play.?

Backed by a three year warranty, the Martin Kilpatrick Pool Conversion Table Tennis Top ensures exceptional quality as one of the top ping pong table for pool tables on the market.

Colors Blue, Green, and Grey are available. Two-player ping pong set is included containing Two ping pong paddles and three ping pong balls. Pick up our ping pong game tables for your game room today.
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