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Nittaku Table Tennis

Nittaku Premium 3 Star Celluloid Balls - One Dozen

Nittaku Premium 3 Star Celluloid Balls - One Dozen

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The Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40mm table tennis ball is the highest grade of Nittaku 3-Star balls. It is manufactured in Japan by Nittaku to higher specifications with higher quality material than any other ball. It stands in a classification of its own. Nittaku 3-Star Premium balls are more consistant in hardness and they last longer than any other ball in the world. Label on ball says "Premium 40, Made in Japan". The best ball in any dimension!

THESE BALLS ARE NOW NO LONGER PRODUCED, but we still have some in stock. If you are interested in a volume purchase, please contact us. 3 Star 12 Pack (white only)


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