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Ping Pong Fever - Table Tennis History Book

Ping Pong Fever - Table Tennis History Book

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Ping Pong Fever is a book full of table tennis history. The year is 1902 and America became obsessed with the sport. It touched all aspects of daily life. The Author, Steve Grant, provides a rich and detailed account of the Ping Pong "Madness" that swept 1902 America. 259 pages of stories, poetry, photos and fun.

Full of rich period detail, this lively romp examines who is playing-- from the famous to the farmer to the athlete-- and the effect of the madness on every sphere of daily living-- fashion, romance, humor, health and more. And for the first time anywhere: Who really invented Ping Pong?

About the Author: Steve Grant has played table tennis in basements and back yards and city parks, on cruise ships, in school gyms and college dorms, and at summer camps, recreation centers, billiard parlors, hotels and resorts, but mostly at table tennis clubs. His writing on the sport's history appears in publications of the Museum of the International Table Tennis Federation.

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