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Professional Table Tennis Table Rental

Professional Table Tennis Table Rental

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Professional Table Tennis Table Rental - Top Quality, Butterfly Europa 25 Tournament Table Tennis Table or Tables for Rent.

Looking to rent a table tennis table or tables for your next event? Need to add some spice to your cocktail hour, fundraiser, reception, golf outing, family reunion, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding, corporate event? Contact us at 801-722-560 / to find more, discuss pricing and logistics.

Consider us! We will only rent you the best looking, highly attractive table tennis table, to make your event shine. A good table tennis table, like good lighting or attractive furniture can make all the difference. Our tables are top of the line, leading brand, European made, Japanese designed

Why table tennis? Table Tennis is fun, social, engaging and active! It is an Olympic sport. And it is portable to your back yard, basement, clubhouse or venue. Consider the intimacy, the competitiveness, the engagement, the fun that a game of table tennis offers.

Why us? We know table tennis and have access to the best equipment, coaches and entertainers. We are knowledgeable and professional.

How it works? We bring table tennis to you. You rent from us a top of the line professional table tennis tables, and an assortment of high end, intermediate, and recreational rackets to satisfy all participants. We provide you, or you chose your coach-athlete and table tennis entertainer. At the end of the event, we pick up the table(s) and equipment.

Next Steps? Interested? Packages start at $500 and include three day rental with an option to buy. Need more information, we recommend consulting with us Please consult with us and we can brainstorm to ascertain if a Table Tennis rental is the right choice for you and whether you need add on services, such as a professional-table tennis coach, athlete, entertainer to be included, and or additional equipment. We are highly knowledgeable and can provide insight to enhance the experience. With this information, we can come back with a no strings attached competitive quote and a one page document on deliverables. We understand that you have choices. We live, breath and play table tennis and are highly confident that a table tennis event is your best choice.

Prices: Prices are highly competitive and start as low as $500 per day. Need more tables, we have as many as 8 and can include more tables at an additional $100 each.

Location : We cover the New York Metropolitan Area. We also have affiliate partners with other table tennis companies, coaches in other parts of the country and can make a referral.

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