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Sauer & Troger

Sauer & Troger Easy P - Long Pimple Table Tennis Rubber

Sauer & Troger Easy P - Long Pimple Table Tennis Rubber

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Sauer & Troger Easy P - Long Pimple Table Tennis Rubber

Sauer & Troger Easy P - Long Pimple Table Tennis Rubber is designed to provide maximum control for the advanced and beginner player.

Manufacturer Characteristics:

Pimple Structure: The pimple heads of the Easy P are similarly close together as by the Schmerz. In direct comparison, however, you can see that the individual pimples are a little further apart.
Pimple Width: The pimples are kept narrow and compact. This gives you excellent control when blocking over the table. You can concentrate on your technique in more detail.
Hardness: The pimple with the softest rubber compound! As you stroke over the rubber, you will notice how smoothly the individual pimples bend. The softer the rubber compound, the slower and more controlled the rubber plays. We have therefore designed a 'light playing pimple' for all pimple players.

When developing the Easy P,  the focus was on creating a new 'light playing pimple' with maximum danger, which you can play close to the table.

Due to the unique manufacturing process of the pimple heads, the long pimple has a low speed.

Playing technique: Topspins can be cut off early above the table. Sometimes even as the ball rises. The pure 'Holding' is possible in a very controlled way. Here, the opponent is disturbed with an exact placement in the flow of play. Another specialty is the pressure push on empty balls and undercuts. The Easy P's high resistance to cutting means that the pressure boost can be used very effectively and successfully.

Strategic Tip: Easy P is the perfect long pip to get started, especially for beginners.

The long pimple is also very suitable for players who want to change from an offensive rubber to a pimple rubber.
But the rubber is also played by players in high divisions. Good control allows you to focus on a good playing technique.

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