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Stiga Table Tennis

Stiga Arctic Wood - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

Stiga Arctic Wood - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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Stiga Arctic Wood - Offensive 5-ply shakehand blade!

Arctic Wood is what you get when you combine nature and science. This blade from Stiga is born in nature and crafted by Stiga's knowledge and experience. This blade has a rare pale outer veneer which only grows in the cold and deep forests above the arctic circle. This, together with the well-renowned VPS (Veneer Precision System) in the second layer, results in a unique blade with characteristics like none other.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Blade: OFF
Blade Type: Offensive
Blade Speed: 91/100
Blade Control: 66/100
Blade Weight: 85/100 (Approximate)
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 6.0
Handle Options: FL, AN, ST

About Stiga!

Thinking of choosing a Stiga blade? Stiga is considered one of the best blade manufacturers on the planet. Their blades are manufactured in Sweden with precision and care and are reasonably priced.

Stiga incorporates many different technologies into its blades and offers different options when it comes to choosing a blade. Some common ones are:

WRB - WRB is a hollowed out oval near the base of the blade handle that has a hard and light plastic insert. Its purpose is to ever so slightly shift the center of inflection of the blade forward while also giving slightly more vibration and feel.

CR - CR is a hard veneer applied to the blade surface to increase its speed.

Tube - Tube is a middle veneer inserted into the blade with micro channels of carbon. Its purpose is to increase blade rigidity and speed.

Blade Handles: Stiga offers several types of blade handles for its Shakehand blades, including

Conic: A flattened cone shaped handle that widens at the handle base.

Anatomic: A handle that widens in the middle.

Straight: A handle that same thickness throughout.

Flared: A flare handle that is narrower in the middle.

Stiga is the only manufacturer that offers consumers a choice within the Flared Handle Category. The choice of:

Flared Master "FL-MSTR" (the same thickness as a traditional flared handle style);

Flared Legend FL-Lgnd (a slightly thicker handle).

Not sure which blade handle-style to play with? Please visit our blog and search for the article "Choosing The Correct Blade Handle".

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