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Stiga Cybershape Wood CWT - Offensive Minus Table Tennis Blade

Stiga Cybershape Wood CWT - Offensive Minus Table Tennis Blade

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Stiga Cybershape Wood CWT

The revolutionary Cybershape design from Stiga Sports now offers the Cybershape Wood CWT -- the world's first table tennis blade with the groundbreaking "Custom Weight Technology"!

The Stiga Custom Weight Technology innovation allows you to adjust the weight and balance of the blade using three weights of 3, 6, and 9 grams that you can easily attach to the bottom of the handle with help of a magnet inside the blade.

When you can adjust the weight of the blade, you can also control the blade’s mass, which together with the size of the blade and the force in the stroke, create kinetic energy. This means that a heavier blade generates more force and kinetic energy at a given speed. This gives players the ability to change the nature of the blade depending on your individual preference and other external factors.

A wide variety of factors influence whether play in a certain facility feels fast or slow. For example, choose a weight of 9 grams when playing in a large arena, a playing environment which tends to be perceived as slow, or a weight of 3 grams when playing in a small training facility or other playing environment where the play feels quicker. Stiga CWT allows you to start fine-tuning your paddle for a specific facility during warm-up. Depending on your individual preference and playing style, you can now adjust your blade to perfection. This also makes it perfect for players during development, as you can easily adjust the weight when you're looking for more power and speed instead of switching to a brand-new blade.

Stiga Cybershape Wood is a factory-lacquered, offensive blade that is made up of five exclusive wooden layers and developed to work optimally with a wide range of table tennis rubbers. This makes Cybershape Wood a blade that suits the majority of playing styles.

In addition to the unique Cybershape design delivering a larger sweet spot and optimized hitting area, the shape also provides clear advantages when it comes to game development and improving technical skills. The six edges of the blade make it easier to see and find the correct angle using different strokes. Both players and coaches benefit from being able to easily see and ensure that the angle of the blade is correct at the beginning and end of a forehand loop, or that the player has the bat at the correct angle when receiving.

Cybershape Wood, combined with softer and slower rubbers, is a perfect introductory blade for when you start your career, while also being suitable for more experienced players who prefer a lot of control and feel with every stroke. If you prefer power in your strokes, we recommend that you combine the blade with harder rubbers. With Cybershape Wood, even players who are looking for more speed when playing can generate the power needed in combination with harder and thicker rubber.

At Stiga, they see the table tennis blade as the engine of the racket system, and are proud of the dynamic engine they have developed with Cybershape Wood – a blade not just for when you are setting out but also to develop your game for a long time into your career.

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