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Stiga Table Tennis

Stiga DNA Dragon Grip - Table Tennis Rubber

Stiga DNA Dragon Grip - Table Tennis Rubber

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Stiga DNA Dragon Grip - Table Tennis Rubber

A rubber with unique properties and an extra hard, 55-degree sponge. The feeling and immediate feedback offered by the rubber through its characteristic sound will help you to find the perfect sweet spot for your strokes. Unlike other sticky rubbers, DNA Dragon Grip has a newly glued feel thanks to C-Touch Tensor technology. A rubber for players who seek control and spin, and want to take charge of the game.

  • A table tennis rubber with a sticky surface for high control and maximum rotation.
  • Surface with an excellent grip for powerful spins and long, high arcs.
  • Gives you full control of your strokes even during really intense play.
  • C-Touch Tensor technology creates a unique rubber with 55-degree sponge hardness.
  • Developed with the help of AI and top player feedback.
  • Made in Germany.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Type: Inverted
Speed: 88/100
Spin: 98/100
Control: 71/100
Hardness: Hard
Sponge Thickness: 2.3

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