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TSP Table Tennis

TSP Multi II - Japanese Penhold Racket

TSP Multi II - Japanese Penhold Racket

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TSP Multi II - Japanese Penhold Racket

The TSP Multi II is a lightweight round Japanese Penhold racket with the center of gravity in the center. This racket is suitable for close to the table play. Great fast, balanced racket for both forehand and backhand. The round shape makes it easy to both execute the Chinese penhold punch counter and the traditional sweeping Japanese penhold backhand.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Country of manufacture: Japan
Racket material: five pieces of wood
Racket shape: Round shape
Feel at impact: Mid-hit feel
Racket speed: Fast speed
Racket weight: 70 ; weight (g)
Racket thickness: 7.4mm
Racket size: 138mm ; 153mm
Grip size: 80mm long x 20mm thick

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