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TSP Table Tennis

TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 Sponge - Table Tennis Rubber

TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 Sponge - Table Tennis Rubber

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Available 11/26/2012 You may pre-order now!


TSP Super Spinpips Chop 2 Sponge is the ultimate chop weapon. TSP Superspinpips Chop 2 is a unique pips-out rubber with a very special sponge. Similar to to regular Superspinpips Chop, Chop 2 carries a super spinny top sheet. However Chop 2 comes with a supersoft sponge which is designed to cushion your opponents attack shots. The combination of super spin with super soft sponge will allow you to produce a great knuckle effect easily on your backhand in combination with super spin. This can be troublesome for your opponents.

TSP Super Spinpips combines the excellent pimple surface with a controlled, slightly slower sponge. This combination strengthens the pimples effect and gives an extremely better control. Additionally, like with all Spinpips rubbers, individual spin variations are possible.

This rubber is perfect for chopping and also for those wanting to try new or different strokes when chopping.

Curently used by Japanese rising star Yuto Muramatsu. You may find videos of Mr. Muramatsu playing on our Youtube tabletennis TV channel - TTNetworkUSA.


Manufacturer Specifications

Type: Pips Out - Chop/Def

Speed: 8/10

Spin: 9/10

Hardness: 23 +/-3


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