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TSP Table Tennis

TSP Swat Carbon Offensive Table Tennis Blade

TSP Swat Carbon Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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TSP Swat Carbon - High tech blades of superb sensitivity for the top player.

TSP Swat Carbon Shakehand Blade- Enhanced speed with thin carbon layers, elegant and purest wood, great feeling and big sweet spot. The TSP Swat Carbon Shakhand is one of TSP's leading sellers and is used by several of Japan's top table tennis players. This is a highly functional 7 ply blade with great speed and balance of control and power. 

Manufacturer Specifications

Type: Power Loop

Shape: Round

Speed: Offensive

Feeling: Hard +

Weight: 87+/-

Blade Size: Top Bottom 158mm, width 150mm

Blade thickness: 6.4mm

Grip: Length 100mmm

Thickness:  24mm


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