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TSP Table Tennis

TSP Three Star 40+ Plastic Poly Table Tennis Ball - Dozen Box

TSP Three Star 40+ Plastic Poly Table Tennis Ball - Dozen Box

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TSP Three Star 40+ International Table Tennis Federation Approved Table Tennis Ball One Dozen Box. .


The TSP 40+ Plastic 3 Star Plastic Ball is designed for tournament play and for international competition. It is ITTF Approved and in manufactured with precision for quality bounce and exact roundness. Made in China. Made of plastic material. Packaged in 3 pack boxes. Available in white only.


Manufacturer Specifications and Important Facts:

The new 40+ 3-star plastic ball is slightly larger than traditional 40 mm ball as manufacturing tolerances with plastic verses celluloid enable manufacturers to get much closer to the 40mm specification. It is also made of hard plastic and is durable and has a firm bounce.

The New Plastic Ball will now be used in all international competitions that are sanctioned by the International Table Tennis Federation. USA Table Tennis and other National Federations have yet to mandate the new plastic ball as a requirement for tournament play. As a consequence, tournament directors currently have the option of using the traditional celluloid ball or the new plastic ball for upcoming tournaments.

The existing celluloid ball is also a plastic compound, but is flammable. The new plastic ball is more environmentally friendly. Celluloid was once a widely used industrial plastic, but it is no longer a common material.

The new plastic should play similar to the old celluloid ball. It will be slightly larger, and slightly heavier but will move through the air, despite these changes at similar speeds to the celluloid ball.



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