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TSP Table Tennis

TSP Ventus Spin - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

TSP Ventus Spin - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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Ventus Spin - World Class Plastic Ball Ready High Tension Table Tennis Rubber Sheet. Made in Germany with Precision.

Ventus Spin is a highly versatile high tension rubber, designed to produce powerful mid distance topspin attacks, dangerous spin loops and controlled close to the table finesse play shots. With its open-pore medium hard sponge sheet, Ventus Spin well balanced. 40 degree throw angle.

The sponge of Ventus Spin features the "Optimized Rotation Concept" which provides for a longer ball contact time, and enabling one to put one?s opponent under real pressure with dangerous spin variations and excellent control in blocking. Ventus Spin is a high-precision offensive rubber offering unlimited room for creativity. Plus, it guarantees excellent control in all situations right from the start, which makes it the ideal choice for talented players with little time for training.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 14.50
Spin: 11.50
Hardness: 40 degrees

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