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Victas Koji Matsushita ZC - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

Victas Koji Matsushita ZC - Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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Victas Koji Masushita ZC is a high-speed premium defensive blade developed by the Japanese legend Koji Matsushita.

The ZC variant is the first of our defensive blades featuring the innovative Zexion carbon fiber. This synthetic high-tech fiber which is placed directly on the core ply increases stability and control even in the most critical situations and develops enormous explosiveness and power for your own attack


Koji Matsushita ZC, with its unrivaled features and the new Victas design, is the new high-end model of our popular Matsushita blade series.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Number of Layers: 5+2

Approximate weight (g): 87

Blade Type: Defensive

Thickness (mm): 5.8

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