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Victas Quartet Speed - Lightning Fast Offensive+ Table Tennis Blade

Victas Quartet Speed - Lightning Fast Offensive+ Table Tennis Blade

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Victas Quartet Speed - Lightning Fast Offensive Plus rated Table Tennis Blade

The Quartet Speed is the fastest blade in the Victas-Quartet series. Expertly manufactured, using Victas DSE technology, the Quartet Speed possesses four super thin elastic Arimid Carbon fibers that impart a fantastic pace impression on ball contact. Utilizing high-quality Hinoki outer plies, provide a soft feel.

The Quartet Speed is ideal for the experienced offensive minded player, who wants explosive acceleration, sufficient dwell time to impart spin, and soft feeling. The Quartet Speed is a manufactured with the new era 40+ plastic ball in mind. The racquet is ideal for close to the table and mid-distance play.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Weight: 90 g

Layers: 5 Wood (outer ply premium Hinoki + 4 super thin Arimid Carbon)

Thickness: 5.8mm

Blade Head: 153mm high 148mm wide

Handle Size: 100mm long, 23mm thick

DSE - Double Synergy Effect

In the blade manufacturer process, Victas respects in the production of wood strongly that only the highest quality wood and synthetic fibers are used. The basis of all Victas woods with the DSE technology are 5 finely selected and perfectly matched wood veneers, which are combined with 2 high-tech synthetic fibers. The synthetic fiber layer are layered, in a two-step process on the core veneer which results in an extremely stable and consistent ball bounce, slight vibration sensation and explosive pace. This Double Synergy Effect of two synthetic fibers in conjunction with the harmonious wood veneers allows exceptional feel at high tempo values.

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