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Victas Swat Carbon Offensive Table Tennis Blade

Victas Swat Carbon Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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Victas Swat Carbon - High tech blades of superb sensitivity for the top player.


The Swat Carbon combines the excellent feel of the Swat family of blades with the enormous power of synthetic carbon fiber. The blade features Fleece Carbon, which reduces its overall thickness to just 6 mm and, at the same time, enlarges the contact area and increases stability and control in passive strokes. In topspin play, the Swat carbon provides for outstanding spin, great speed and balanced catapult effect.?

Manufacturer Specifications

Type: Power Loop.

Shape: Round.

Speed: Offensive.

Feeling: Hard +.

Weight: 85+/-.

Blade Size: Top Bottom 158mm, width 150mm.

Blade thickness: 6.0mm.

Grip: Length 100mmm Thickness 24mm

Plies:? 5 Wood / 2 Carbon



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