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Victas Swat Carbon with V>15 Rubber - Proline Combination Special

Victas Swat Carbon with V>15 Rubber - Proline Combination Special

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Victas Swat Carbon Table Tennis Racket with Victas V>15 Rubber.


Are you looking for a tournament racket rubber combination that offers speed, spin, and versatility. Victas is a premium Japanese Brand known for its high-quality equipment.

  • Blade: The Swat Carbon combines the excellent feel of the Swat family of blades with the enormous power of synthetic carbon fiber. The blade features Fleece Carbon, which reduces its overall thickness to just 6 mm while enlarging the contact area and increasing stability and control in passive strokes.
  • Rubber: V>15 is one of Victas' top-of-the-line professsional rubber series, With "Extra" for speed, "Stiff" for all-round versatility and "Limber" for added control.

Step Up your game! This is a perfect combination for one who wants to excel in tournaments and competitive play.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Blade: Swat Carbon Flared Handle Rubber V>15 Series.


Choose Between:

  1. Swat Power: V>15 Extra Black Max Forehand, V>15 Stiff Backhand
  2. Swat Spin: V>15 Stiff Black Max Forehand, V>15 Stiff Backhand
  3. Swat Touch: V>15 Stiff Black Max Forehand, V>15 Limber Backhand
  4. Swat Other: You choose the V>15 Rubber Combinations (Leave specifications in the order notes.

We will assemble this blade for you by adding a layer of top coat varnish to seal the wood and then affixing the rubber sheets. Then we will cut the rubber and add fancy edge tape to the sides.  Presto!  Your very own custom-made table tennis racquet for the modern spin and drive game of table tennis.

Why a custom-made blade? Custom-made blades enable one to change the rubber sheets when they wear out. Pre-Assembled racquets are manufactured so that when the rubber tears or wears out one throws out the entire blade.

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