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Victas V15 Offensive Table Tennis Rubber Bundle - Twin Pack

Victas V15 Offensive Table Tennis Rubber Bundle - Twin Pack

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Victas V-15 Offensive Table Tennis Rubber Series Bundle - Twin pack with discount. 

The Victas V-15 Rubber Series Offers a Wide Range of High Spin, Speed, and Drive Rubbers.  Choose from V15 Extra (Medium Hard Sponge) V15 Stiff (Medium Sponge) and or V-15 Limber (Medium Soft) to configure your table tennis bat for optimal performance. 

The Victas German-Japanese team of designers (GJ Tec) has developed an outstanding series of professional table tennis rubber called V for maximum power and balance. The rubber sheets in this family are V > 01 (Medium Sponge), V >01 Limber (Medium Soft Sponge) and now the latest edition the V >01 Stiff (Medium Sponge with Tackier Top Sheet), and V > 15 Extra (Medium Hard Sponge Sheet) and V >15 Limber (Medium Soft) Sponge Top Sheet.

V-15 Extra  47.5 Degree Angle / Hardness  Medium Hard 
V-15 Stiff  45.0 Degree Angle / Hardness  Medium
V-15 Limber 43.0 Degree Angle / Hardness  Medium-Soft

Choose from the following Combinations:


Fast - V15 Extra Blue Max /Black Max  :  Great for the pure offensive player
Medium - V15 Stiff Black Max/Red Max :  Perfect for the offensive player seeking spin and touch play
Control - V15 Limber Black Max/Red Max:   Fantastic rubber for spin, blocking and with sufficient power.
Combination:  V15 Extra Blue Max/ Stiff Black Max:  Outstanding for drive loop, spin backhand.
Custom: Your Choice (specify rubber types in order notes)



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