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Victas VO > 102 Short Pips - Pips Out Table Tennis Rubber

Victas VO > 102 Short Pips - Pips Out Table Tennis Rubber

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Victas VO >102 Short Pips Fast, Spin, Disruptive.

 The VO > 102 with slightly larger pimple than its sister rubber is a very fast and high spin short pips. VO >102 is built with High Energy Tension Technology. Combining Japanese Pips know-how with German expertize as led to V0 > 102.Sponge Hardness : 37.5

This is a high-tech rubber designed for the pips out attacker. The new rubber sheet with optimized pips geometry produces a great pips-out effect, speed and spin on the ball will put your opponent under pressure. The elastic sponge combined with our High Energy Tension Technology opens up new dimensions of speed development in the pips-out player.

Victas is a premium brand launched in 2001 by the Mr. Koji Matsushita, TSP president and former world class defensive player. Victas strives to produce premium product for both the defensive and offensive player by combining Japanese Know-How with German expertize. For more information on Victas and TSP visit

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