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Victas ZX-Gear Out Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade

Victas ZX-Gear Out Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade

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Victas ZX-Gear Out - Offensive Plus Table Tennis Blade.

The Victas ZX - Gear Out is the new power offensive plus premium blade. The innovative new Zexion? carbon fiber, which is placed directly under the outer ply provides for fantastic stability and power. This highly elastic carbon fiber boosts the impact energy of the ball and increases the energy transfer upon ball contact. The result is a fast premium offensive blade with ultimate Sweet Spot featuring a new definition of dynamics, explosiveness, and precision.

ZX Gear Out is part of the Victas ZX Family of blades. A new sensory carbon wood that uses the latest high-elasticity fiber ?Zexion?? that balances power and operability, combined with an excellent high-elasticity fiber ?Zexion?.? A lineup of three-blade types that allows you to choose the feel of the ball that suits your play style.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Country of Manufacture:? Japan
Plies:? Wood 5, Carbon 2 ?
Racket Head Size: 157 mm x 150 mm
Racket Grip size: Long 100 mm x Thickness 24 mm (FL) / 23 mm (ST)
Racket weight: 89 ? g
Blade Type: Offensive Plus
Thickness: 5.9 MM

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