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XIOM Table Tennis

Xiom Guillotine S - Long Pips Table Tennis Rubber

Xiom Guillotine S - Long Pips Table Tennis Rubber

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Xiom Guillotine S - Long Pips Table Tennis Rubber

Tensor long pimple rubber with exceptional control. Amazing unique and stable performance by tensor

New standard for long pimples rubbers. The long Pimpled rubber is characterized by ball variation made from its thin, long soft pimples. However, the downsides are low stability and less control. Tensor technology and perfect cylinder shape of a long pimple minimized side effects and maximized benefits.

Guillotine S has unbelievable stability as a long pimpled rubber. Direct feeling at impact enables more precise control. Drastic Variation and a fatal drop shot will increase your offensive capability. Recommended for modern defensive players who want stability in their backhand cut defense. The rubber is suitable for offensive players who want to add unique backhand blocks to the game.

Note - This rubber's ITTF approval license has not been renewed. So the rubber is no longer legal for tournament play.
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