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XIOM Hibi-O Tour- Japanese Penhold

XIOM Hibi-O Tour- Japanese Penhold

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Xiom Hibi-O Tour Japanese Penhold - Xiom's Topline Kiso Hinoki Japanese Penhold Blade..

The Xiom Hibi-O Tour Japanese Penhold Plade is xiom's best made Japanese Penhold Blade. This blade is a mono-ply made with Kiso Hinoki wood. The wood is specially selected for weight and speed. Expertly cut and designed, the Xiom Hibi-O Pro boasts a beautiful appearance and features a smooth rounded head. This super quality blade is suited for the touring tournament player who demands the highest speed and without sacrificing precision.

Xiom Blade Specifications:

 Speed: Offensive ++

Rebound: ++

Feel: High

Weight: Call for weight. Each blade is unique. Thickness: 10.5mm - 11mm

Head dimension: 162 x 134mm

Material: wood (Kiso Hinoki)

Made in Japan.


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