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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Jekyll & Hyde X50 - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

XIOM Jekyll & Hyde X50 - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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Xiom Jekyll & Hyde X50 Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

Jekyll & Hyde X50 rubber is designed for powerful catapult-based aggressive topspin play. The Xiom J&H X version has an enhanced power catapult combined with a tacky topsheet, maximizing speed and spin. Strong catapult, lower ball trajectory with a power-speed sponge. 50 -degree hardness.

In general rubber manufacturing technology, the stronger the repulsive energy, the less time the ball stays on the rubber surface. However, the new generation "X" rubber has realized a new paradigm that enables high energy transfer with high spin capabilities.

Why Jekyll and Hyde Power and Precision are conflicting factors in sports. In table tennis, the more spin produced, the harder to control. One advantage creates a disadvantage in the other. This rubber maximizes the former and minimizes the latter. Performances impossible to co-exist are now available. Available in Red, Black, and Pink, Max thickness only.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Speed: 8.8
Spin: 9.0
Control: 8.5

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