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Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Z52.5 - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Z52.5 - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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Xiom Jekyll & Hyde Z 52.5 - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

National team players use unique products to improve rubber performance while reducing performance deviations. We have developed a technology to produce exceptional products in large quantities for general elite athletes and advanced amateur athletes. The 'Z' rubber, our latest innovation, stands out for its unique features that enhance performance and consistency, making it a game-changer in the world of table tennis.

Jekyll and Hyde rubber top sheets utilize Cycloid, Dynamic Friction, and Tensor technologies.

The Cycloid technology, a game-changer in the world of table tennis, enhances rubber performance in a deep learning way. This means your offensive and defensive moves are more likely to succeed. The ball's trajectory is improved, reducing the chances of it getting caught in the net or going out of the end line. The new standard of spin/distance ratio increases the actual speed, while the spin energy, the core of table tennis, is expanded energetically.

The dynamic Friction technology, a versatile innovation inspired by snow tire technology, revolutionizes the way rubber and ball interact. It allows for a stronger spin, even with less accurate and powerful pitches. This means you can confidently use a more aggressive spin with accumulated energy and power, even in contact with unspecified hits.

Tensor is a combined topsheet and sponge technology optimized for ball speed. Experience the newly enhanced elasticity of a rubber.

Manufacturer Specifications

Spin 8.9
Speed 9.3
Precision 9.6
Hardness 52.5
Thickness 2.1 / Max
Color Red / Black
Approval 79-074
Country of Manufacturer: Germany

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