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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Musa 3 - Table Tennis Rubber

XIOM Musa 3 - Table Tennis Rubber

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Xiom Musa 3 - New weapon engineered for Speed, Spin and Control.

Xiom Musa 3 is an updated and more enhanced than Musa 1. A perfectly balanced rubber sheet, engineered to provide speed, spin and control. Built in tension provides the catapult needed for strong offense. Controls over service, service return and pre-attack rally are professionally accurate. Backhand attack and block, smooth and efficient. Great for control forehand loops and drives.

Musa III has a technological platform of Hyper Elasto  which boost actual winning probability.

Modern table tennis strategy developed from China emphasize on the importance of close-to-table control. Accurate service, controlled service return, tactical pre-attack rally, and solid close-to-table topspins became the mainstream of modern table tennis. Musa III, newly tuned from Hyper Elasto  rubber sheet has the innovated controllable accuracy and new ball-clicking dynamics of rubber formula allow players to creatively make tactical ball-trajectories around the table. Musa III will also reduce unforced errors dramatically allowing one to dominate the pace and game tactics.

Musa 1 is a power charged rubber that offers you an opportunity for power charged shots with sharp spins and speed. Buy Musa 1 today and elevate your game!

Rubber Ratings from Manufacturer:

 Speed: 81/100

Spin: 85/100

Control: 85/100

Throw Angle: 40.5/100

Sponge Hardness: 50/100

Durability: 80/100

 Xiom Musa 1 is a medium hard tensor sponge with a moderately spinny and tacky topsheet enabling strong attack and spin play with short game and defensive block control.

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