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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Omega Pro - Rosewood-Natural Wood Offensive Table Tennis Blade

XIOM Omega Pro - Rosewood-Natural Wood Offensive Table Tennis Blade

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Xiom Omega Pro Precision made, exquisitely balanced offensive table tennis blade with four Rosewood and three natural wood plies. .

The Xiom Omega Pro blade uses four plies of joint-less exquisite Rosewood - two core plies and two outer veneer plies. Rosewood is a dense hardwood that also has natural touch and feel. A perfect combination for a table tennis blade. This seven ply blade has three plies of light natural wood.

The racquet is manufactured with perfection and has perfect balance, speed and feel, for the modern day table tennis player. A new era racquet, the Omega Pro - is sensitive to the new plastic ball and is ready to enhance your game and perform for you.



The Omega Pro is made with Joint-less wood veneers, a first for the table tennis industry. The Joint-less technology adds further stability and consistency to the racquet.

Rosewood and natural wood layers. 7 total. The natural wood lowers blade weight while the Rosewood provides speed and feel.


The Omega Pro is a new era racquet made in Korea, with strict product control, which ensures product consistency and performance. Each racquet comes with a removable T-Foil plastic layer to protect the top layer from scratching during packaging or transit. The removable T-Foil layer can then be used to protect the rubber sheet after it has been assembled.


Manufacturer Specifications:

Blade Type: Offensive

Blade Speed: 86/100

Blade Control: 74/100

Blade Weight: 89 (Approximate)

Plies: 7w

Blade Thickness: 6.0

Handle Options: FL,ST, WF (wide flare)


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