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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Omega VII Tour - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

XIOM Omega VII Tour - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber

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Xiom Omega VII Tour - Offensive Table Tennis Rubber.

Xiom Omega VII 7 Tour is a new offensive table tennis rubber designed to firmly grab, grip and catapult the new 40+ plastic ball. New dynamic relationships between spin, power, and control. Improved spin dynamics. Harder, slightly lower throw angle than it's sister Omega VII Euro rubber. Very versatile rubber.

With "Elasto Futura" spin generating rubber top-sheet and carbo sponge, Xiom has created a rubber that gives an extreme advantage for offensive play. Omega 7 Tour rubber reaches a new platform for professional aggression. The Tour version is the rubber for the versatile offensive player, who demands spin, speed, power, without sacrificing control and finesse.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Catapult: 93.5/100
Clicking Ball: 87.5/100
Speed: 93/100
Spin: 95/100
Precision (control): 92/100

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