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XIOM Table Tennis

XIOM Powerhinoki - Japanese Pehhold Racquet

XIOM Powerhinoki - Japanese Pehhold Racquet

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Xiom Powerhinoki - Sensational power and feel for the modern Japanese Penholder.

The Xiom Powerhinoki is a perfectly balanced thick 10mm one ply Hinoki wood Japanese penholder racquet. Designed by Xiom, this racquet is suitable for the new plastic ball era. The racquet possesses excellent drive capabilities and combined with the soft Hinoki wood feel, make it highly desirable racquet for the modern Japanese penholder.

Manufacturer specifications:

Wood: One Ply Hinoki 10mm.                                                                                       Speed: Offensive to Offensive +                                                                                        Feel: Soft Cork Block                                                                                                        Handle: 90 mm long, 20mm high, with back taper.

Country of Origin: Made in Japan

Blade Head: T33mm wide by 161mm long.


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